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About Steph


Stephanie Dean

The Fitness Instructor 

Hello my name is Stephanie, you can call me Steph! My journey as a fitness instructor began in 2014 when I became a Zumba Fitness. Originally I was only doing this to cover classes for my own instructor but I soon realized that I had an opportunity in front of me that I couldn't let pass. I had struggled with my weight and health for years and often turned to all the wrong places for help. I wanted to use my experiences to help guide people through their journey to better health. I love the group fitness atmosphere and decided that this was where I wanted to focus most of my attention. My goals is to provide people with a fun unique workout that pushes them to their own personal limits while creating an environment that people feel comfortable in.

Stephanie Dean

The Health Coach 

One of the things I HATED while on my health journey was the focus on weight. No one ever asked me how I was feeling, or wanted to talk about why I made the choices I did. Every program I did was just about weighing in and why or why not I didn't meet my weight goal. I felt like there was a big miss in the health industry and I knew that if I wanted to see a change I needed to be the change. In 2018 BeYouTiful Health And Fitness Coaching was born and then in March of 2019 we created our Love Yourself Health Challenge. As a Health Coach I help people learn how to reconnect with themselves, as we focus on the importance of self love and caring for ourselves mind, body and soul.