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One of the many things we pride ourselves on is honesty and authenticity. Because of this we never promote an item or product that we ourselves do not use.  When we heard that Arbonne offered all cruelty free, plant based products we knew that they were a perfect match for us. Here you can find our favourite products and links product pages. If you have any specific questions about items or need help finding a product please send us a message. 



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20200610102136-DAY 10 – GLOW GET EM soci

Steph (Above): Before I get started, NO the Skin Elixir didn't change the colour of my hair, I have lockdown to thank for that! It was getting a little hard to pass for a real blonde with salons closed haha. I started using the Arbonne Skin Elixir because I was struggling with adult acne. Much to my surprise I started noticing how long and strong my nails were, I've never really had to cut my nails much in the past because they would always just break on their own. Then one day I took my hair out of it's pony tail and was shocked to really realize how much it had grown. I'm usually someone that gets their hair cut a few times a year and between these two pictures I had it cut twice! 

Morgan (Below): After noticing a lot of breakage happening with her hair Morgan started using the Skin Elixir to help strengthen the strands. Before she knew it her hair was growing back thicker and fuller and had a whole new shine and glow to it. Morgan was delighted to also see that her eyelashes had become fuller and longer along with some regrowth of her eyebrows.


Skin Elixir

August 2020

February 2021

Time To Relax

Having trouble finding inner peace and calm? Find it difficult to fall asleep at night? These two items have been a blessing for me this past month. I find the InnerCalm has helped to stabilize my mood, making it easier for me to deal with stressful situations without getting so overwhelmed. The Serenity Capsules have been a big help when it comes to falling asleep at night. I used to get in bed and toss and turn waiting for the sleep to come! Now I take a capsule with my nightly routine and find I'm struggling to keep my eyes open while waiting for bed!