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Foot Reflexology 

40 Minutes $45

Reflexology is based on the idea that the glands, organs, and parts of the body are reflected in specific reflex areas. Applying pressure to these specific points can reduce pain and anxiety and promote circulation, relaxation, and healing in the body. The stimulation of reflex areas in the foot triggers a response in corresponding organs, promoting healing in that area of the body.

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2 Services

60 Minutes $55

Take your session to the next level. Combine any two of our Reflexology sessions and enjoy a 60 minute treatment.


Detoxifying Foot Bath

30 Minutes $30

Now offering Ionic Detoxifying Foot Soaks! Enjoy 30 minutes to yourself as you sit and soak your feet in our warm detoxifying foot baths. Bring a book or game to enjoy while you relax.


Assisted Stretching

45 Minutes $40

Now offering assisted stretching. This service is designed to help you relieve sore, aching muscles by assisting you into deeper stretches. This 45 minute session uses the principles of active and dynamic stretching to provide the most effective, thorough and safe stretch, completely customized to the needs of any body.


Hot Stone Session

45 Minutes $70

Hot stone sessions help melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation. Hot stones, when coupled with our relaxation treatment,  helps to relieve stress and pain while aiding in better sleep.

Hand Massage

Hand Reflexology

40 Minutes $45

Hand Reflexology relies on a belief that our bodies contain channels of energy. Over time, these channels can become blocked, resulting in illness.  By applying pressure to certain parts of the hands, these energetic channels can be cleared, removing the blockages can restore balance and well-being to the whole body.


Total Zen

90 Minutes $75

Treat yourself to the full relaxation experience with our Total Zen Package. Enjoy 90 minutes of relaxation and healing, we will start your session off with a head massage as you soak your feet in a warm foot bath. From there we head to the table as we work our way through a foot and hand reflexology session.


Serenity Package

60 Minutes $60

The serenity Package will have you walking on cloud nine! Start your session off with a 30 minute foot reflexology session designed to breakdown any blockages in your system. Follow this up with a 30 minute detoxifying foot bath to help clear the toxins out of the body.

Body Massage

Relaxation Session

45 Minutes $55

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, and improves circulation and movement range. Our goal is to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 


Hot Stone Session

60 Minutes $85

Take your Hot Stone Session to the next level. Allow yourself some relaxation and healing with our 60 minute treatment.


Ayurveda Head Massage

40 Minutes $45

The ancient techniques used in an Ayurvedic Head massage have been practiced for thousands of years to encourage relaxation and restore the energy balance throughout the entire body. This treatment focuses on the areas most prone to tension, the face, neck and head

Outdoor Gymnastics

Outdoor Reflexology


With the Summer Season finally here it's time for us to enjoy the great outdoors. Why not celebrate with an outdoor Reflexology Party. Sessions are $25 per person for 20 minutes. Parties must have a minimum of 3 people.


Head To Toe Package

90 Minutes $100

Give yourself the full treatment with our head to toe package. Your session will start with a hand reflexology session followed by your feet. We will work on breaking up any blockages, then head over to our detoxifying foot bath where you will soak for 30 minutes while enjoying a head massage.


Relaxation Session

1 Hour $70

The main focus of a relaxation massage is to de-stress, calm and relax the mind and body.This massage style aids with your mental and emotional health, as it calms the mind and settles the nervous system. 


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