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"I'm just a regular person trying to make it through this crazy journey we call life"

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Steph's Story

Thank you so much for visiting BeYouTiful Health and Fitness Coaching. My name is Steph and I've struggled with my health since my 20's. After a long weight loss journey of my own I decided in 2014 to become a group fitness instructor. I wanted to use my journey to help others achieve their health goals and after a few years I realized that health was way more than just a number on a scale so in 2018 BeYouTiful Health and Fitness Coaching was born. We believe that living a happy healthy life means learning to love yourself enough to nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul! We want to teach you to love the you you are now.

Move Your Body for pleasure NOT as punishment 

Exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do not a punishment for all the things you THINK you're not! Our workouts are designed to help you push yourself to your personal limits all while having FUN! Open to EVERY BODY and EVERY BODY, there is NO reason you can't join us, you just have to make the choice and commit to yourself. I promise to show up for you as long as you're ready to show up for you.

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